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Function House

The Tamper

The Tamper

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Pack your cones or tamp your joints for an even and consistent smoke, every time. 

Inspired by the tools used by pharmacists when filling custom capsules and tampers used for espresso machines, the Function House Tamper was designed to be a delight to use and provide a consistent burn, every time. No more relighting mid-session, the tamper helps you pack cones evenly so there is just the right density of ground flower. Perfect your rolling technique with the right tool for the job.

Size: 2 in x 8 in x 0.2 in
Weight: 2 oz
Color: Black

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Why use a tamper when rolling a joint?

When rolling a joint or packing a cone, a tamper proves indispensable in achieving the ideal burn and draw. This tool allows precise compression of the herb, promoting even airflow and preventing loosely packed areas that can result in an uneven burn. By gently tamping down the material, the tamper helps maintain a consistent density throughout the joint or cone, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.

Whether enhancing the joint's structural integrity or optimizing cone combustion, a tamper empowers enthusiasts to create perfectly rolled creations that burn evenly from start to finish, elevating the enjoyment of their chosen herbs. Pair it with our Rolling Tray for the ideal combination of workspace and tool.

Why we made this

Many of us have used just about anything long and cylindrical as a substitute tamper before. We wanted to create something with longevity in which every detail is specifically designed for the task of rolling the perfect joint.

Function House Tamper

Rounded handle

The Tamper is the perfect size for dual-ended use. The rounded, grooved handle is ergonomic for tamping, and can be flipped to level out grinds with the weighty but balanced handle.

Function House Tamper

Tapered tip

The fused tapered stem and flat top design of the tip are the perfect size and shape to get into your rolled papers and smooth down ground flower for an evenly packed density.

Function House Tamper


Made from premium steel, the balanced design of The Tamper makes it feel light as a feather. Bring this tool with you wherever you go to always get the perfect roll.

About Function House

Function House was founded by Tyler Lau, an industrial designer with a desire to create high-quality smoking accessories with a refined aesthetic and timeless appeal. After serving prison time for cannabis, he's on a mission to destigmatized the industry, one luxury item at a time.