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Beautiful, functional objects for your home

The Function House design aesthetic is minimal and refined with timeless appeal. We study engineering marvels, consult experts in a wide variety of industries, and combine leverage new manufacturing technologies to bring you smoking accessories with longevity.

“It is neither sun nor shade that makes a home, but the balance of both…great design does not make a home if it does not fit the individual’s needs, wants and desires. A home is created within the balance of thoughtful architecture and a profound understanding of the individual.”

Stoneham, Bryce & Smith, Desmond, The House and the Home: The Balance of Architecture and Psychology within the Residential Home

  • Premium

    We don't want to put more disposable products into the world. We want to create items that last, that can be serviced and repaired, and passed down. We choose our materials carefully and design with longevity in mind.

  • Minimal

    Our designs are minimal and refined with timeless appeal. To us, minimalism is not a trend, it's a philosophy of building durable items that seamlessly blend into your home's aesthetic for decades to come.

  • Functional

    We design items that truly raise the bar. We study engineering marvels, consult experts in a wide variety of industries, and combine leverage new manufacturing technologies to bring your smoking accessories with useful features.

Better tools, better experience


Houses are generational by nature. Different owners may remodel, paint and alter but the basic structure remains the same. Each generation of our products will build on the structure laid out before it while taking into account the Functionist’s habits and feedback. We believe it takes time and human input to create the best version of a product; over time you will see multiple iterations of each Function House piece as we pursue excellence.


Just because the sink has a leak, doesn’t mean you remodel the whole kitchen.

Lost a part? Rather than throwing the entire piece away and buying a new one, contact us to purchase a replacement piece. If the product needs servicing, send it in! Function House aims to combat disposable consumerism through modular design and thoughtful, quality production.

Tyler Lau Function House Pop Up

About our Founder

Tyler Lau is a native of Lawrence, Kansas but spent his childhood travelling the world with his father, a photographer. Tyler studied industrial design at the University of Kansas, but just when his first cannabis accessory business was taking off, he was incarcerated on cannabis charges. Function House is his new venture, one driven by a desire to bring high-quality, engineered products that are stylish enough to blend into the most design-forward homes.

Tyler is also on a mission to destigmatize cannabis consumption and to fight cannabis-related criminal injustice disproportionately affecting immigrant, minority, and POC communities.