Function House Stylish Smoking Accessories

Unwind in Style

Your home is filled with thoughtfully curated pieces that bring you joy. Why wouldn’t your smoking accessories do the same?

Function House makes tools for flower consumers who refuse to compromise on style and design. Inspired by chefs, jewellers, and baristas, we’re redefining what it means to have functional accessories that bring beauty to your smoking ritual.

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The Wallet Pipe

Get a smooth hit in this innovative pocket-sized pipe. Our patented heat channel design reduces the heat and harshness of one-hitters and holds more flower than the average snap.

Arriving Summer 2024

Our Products

Each Function House product is designed to make your smoking experience as enjoyable as possible. Get to know our first three products and subscribe to our emails for new releases.

  • Function House Tamper

    The Tamper

    Pack your cones or tamp your joints for an even and consistent smoke, every time.

  • Function House Rolling Tray

    The Rolling Tray

    Level up your workstation with the tapered bowl design of our rolling tray.

  • Function House 10x Magnifying Glass

    The Magnifying Glass

    Enjoy the details of your flower up close with the nearly 10x strength of our magnifying glass.

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Function House Founders


Our Story

Function House fills a gap in the cannabis market for stylish and functional smoking accessories. Amongst the psychedelic colors, leaf prints, and cheap materials, we combine minimalist sophistication with innovative features and engineering to make truly great tools.

Tyler Lau, an industrial designer by trade, founded Function House in 2020, a few years after serving a prison sentence for cannabis in the state of Kansas. Experiencing criminal injustice as a visible minority fueled his desire to destigmatize this substance and the communities who partake.

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