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Function House

The Magnifying Glass

The Magnifying Glass

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Discover the art of precision with our exquisite engineered magnifying glass. Meticulously crafted for crystal-clear clarity, this magnifying glass is Function Houses's take on a classic, analog loop. Minimal and utilitarian, it facilitates investigation and appreciation of the heady details in your herb.

Size: 2.5in x 2.5in x 2.1in
Weight: 3.5 oz
Color: Black


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Why would a cannabis user need a magnifying glass?

A cannabis lover might want to use a magnifying glass for various reasons, primarily related to the appreciation and understanding of the plant's intricate features. One of the key uses for one in the context of cannabis is examining the trichomes, which are the tiny, crystal-like structures that cover the surface of the plant's flowers and leaves. Trichomes contain the valuable cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, responsible for the plant's effects. By using a magnifying glass, enthusiasts can closely inspect trichomes to determine their maturity and milky/cloudy coloration, indicating the optimal time for harvesting.

Furthermore, magnification can aid in identifying the quality and health of the cannabis plant. Users can closely observe the texture of the leaves, any signs of pests or diseases, and the overall trichome coverage, all of which contribute to understanding the plant's vitality.

For those interested in cultivating cannabis, a magnifying glass or loop is an essential tool for identifying the gender of the plants. Cannabis plants can be either male or female, and knowing their gender is crucial for preventing pollination and ensuring high-quality flower production.

In the realm of cannabis concentrates, this can help enthusiasts assess the quality of products like hashish, kief, or rosin. By closely examining the texture, color, and purity of these concentrates, users can make informed choices about which products to consume.

Overall, a magnifying glass serves as a tool that allows cannabis lovers to delve deeper into the botanical and scientific aspects of the plant, enhancing their understanding, appreciation, and decision-making related to cultivation, consumption, and enjoyment. Pair it with our Tamper for the ideal combination of workspace and tool.

Why we made this

For those of us who like the ritual and intention of smoking flower, the magnifying glass is a great tool to inspect your goods. This one fits right into your kit and if anything happens to your glass, don't throw it out, just email us for a modular repair.

Function House Magnifying glass

10x magnification

Inspect your bud, read the tiny print, or delight in life's intricate details with the nearly 10x magnification. While initially intended for the inspection of a plant’s sparkling strands, the magnifying glass happens to serve a multitude of other useful functions. Use the lens to enhance reading and viewing fine details in books, newspapers, magazines, photographs, maps, and more.

Modular design

The Magnifying glass is the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand or in a pocket while being big enough to easily see through. Each piece can be replaced cost-effectively and simply thanks to its modular design.

Function House Magnifying Glass


Elegant and lightweight, this tool is made from durable A6061 aluminum. It's comfortable to hold, sleek, and has astylish sand-blasted ionization finish.

About Function House

Function House was founded by Tyler Lau, an industrial designer with a desire to create high-quality smoking accessories with a refined aesthetic and timeless appeal. After serving prison time for cannabis, he's on a mission to destigmatized the industry, one luxury item at a time.